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Asianwhiteskin marks more than a decade of excellence

MORE than ten years ago, Asianwhiteskin began importing a virtually unknown health supplement known as glutathione from Japan and encouraged salons and dermatologists to promote its supplementation. That signaled the beginning of a new era of glutathione health and beauty supplementation phenomenon in the Philippines.

Now after more than ten years, Asianwhiteskin has earned the reputation of being an excellent manufacturer supplier of premium food supplements, health and beauty aids in the Philippines. The company has become a trusted product provider of both high grade generic and branded products mainly for the health and beauty industry. Asianwhiteskin clients include well-established health and wellness companies, high-profile dermatological groups, multi-level networking companies, spas and salons among others.

The success of Asianwhiteskin as manufacturer and product provider can be attributed to its dedication to offer only the best, safest, the most current and most effective products available. The company takes great effort in conducting comprehensive research and product testing, sparing no expense in order to provide only products at its best quality possible.

One such example is the Human Placenta Laennec. Asianwhiteskin was the first and exclusive distributor of this product in the Philippines, completely outclassing other placenta products available in the country then which are primarily derived from pigs and horses. This introduction of human placenta will most certainly set a new and better trend in health and beauty, placenta based products.

With the unmatched quality of products offered by Asianwhiteskin, clients are often surprised at how affordable the products are. The availability and affordability of the wide range of products from Asianwhiteskin has somewhat leveled the playing field, giving small and medium-scale distributing businesses a better chance at competing against imposing multi-national companies.

Asianwhiteskin’s success in being a product provider inspired the company to market its own top products giving birth to its sister company, Yumei Mise, yet another successful company known for introducing innovative and highly effective health and beauty supplements. With the help of Asianwhiteskin, Yumei Mise was able to market innovative products such as KB GlutaNAC, the arguably the most successful oral glutathione boosting supplement in the country; SnL, the country’s first FDA approved weight loss supplement with GlutaNAC and Hoodia Gordonii; and KB Gold Premium Soap, the country’s first with 99% Alpha Arbutin and Human Placenta Extract.

Any budding distribution company can also replicate the success of Yumei Mise with the help of the company. Asianwhiteskin has always been willing to work hand-in-hand with any company, regardless of size, to create a product unique to the company or even just provide bulk orders for the company to create their own product.

Although Asianwhiteskin has ventured into spa and salon OEM dealership, the company still continues to accept bulk orders for generic food supplements and ingredients like amino acids, sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate etc. and likewise still supplies branded beauty supplements and products to spas, salons and dermatologists.

For inquiries, orders, comments, suggestions or deliveries, Asianwhiteskin can be reached through the following contact details: (telephone number, email address, fax and website)