Asianwhiteskin takes on new challenges as spa OEM dealer

AFTER more than ten years of stellar performance in manufacturing and supplying of branded and generic food supplements for health and beauty aids, Asianwhiteskin now sets its sights on the emergent spa industry in the country, putting on the final touches on its new role as an original equipment manufacturer for spa and salons.

Widely respected as one of the country’s leading manufacturer and innovator of health and beauty supplements, Asianwhiteskin took notice of the continued rise of the spa industry in the Philippines, despite the high prices commanded by spa and salon treatments. The industry continues to thrive with the ever increasing demand for spa health and beauty treatments and stress management services offered by most spas in the country.

The high prices for these treatments and services are often justified with the use of imported machines and equipment which were most likely purchased for a considerable sum. The search, procurement and importation of these devices probably likewise took intensive investments of time and effort. With these issues, only a handful of spas are able to afford these devices making treatment with the devices relatively expensive. Asianwhiteskin aims to make the purchase and procurement of spa OEMs easier and worry free for lower to mid-level salons and spas.

Apart from being recognized as one of the country’s leading suppliers of top of the line food supplements for health and beauty, Asianwhiteskin has also an established reputation of having the most affordable price ranges for its premium products. The company takes this reputation into its venture into the spa and salon OEM dealership in the hopes of leveling the playing field for the country’s salons and spas thereby making quality spa treatments and services more affordable for everyone.
For the last couple of years Asianwhiteskin has been forging ties and partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art and the latest spa and salon equipment. Asianwhiteskin has recently formally signed with partner manufacturers in Europe, the USA, Korea, Japan and China. With the company’s experience and expert liaison officers in the field of importing and customs, bringing in the OEM devices and its delivery will be fast, easy and hassle-free.

Asianwhiteskin is now ready to accept and deliver spa and salon OEMs orders. For a complete list of all the current spa and salon original equipment available, please send an email to: asianwhiteskin@gmail.com or call Asianwhiteskin through the company hotline: