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우리는 원래 우리 나라에서 소매, 도매, OEM 헬스 & 뷰티/음식 보충 다른 제품을 공급할 수 있기를 희망하고 있습니다. 대부분의 고객들은 모두 클리닉, 직접 판매, 네트워킹 및 대기업. 우리의 온라인 쇼핑 그쳤다 그래서 만약 도매점 경우 이메일 영어와 한국에서 수 있을까요 권장합니다 대부분 소매. 필리핀 이전 이전.

필리핀 이전 이전. 우리는 여전히 한국에서 등록된 제품 출시 예정 필요한 통관 및 기타 문서를 쉽게 구현할 수 있도록 하기 위해 필리핀 마닐라에서 현지 담당자 서비스를 예약하셔야 합니다. 우리의 AsianwhiteskinShop 다양한 제품을 테스트해보고 싶어요 시료에 대한 인력 디자인. 그것을 도매가격은 완전히 다릅니다 납부해야 할 때지

We supply different product originally from our country from retail, wholesale, OEM health and beauty / food supplements is our business. Most of our clients are clinics, direct selling, networking  and big companies.
In our shop online it is mostly retail only so if you are a wholesaler we recommend you to email    We can speak to you in Japanese, English, Tagalog and Chinese and Korean (hangul).

For our previous old clients in the philippines. We still have representative in Manila, Philippines to help you to facilitate the importation and other documentation needed to registered a product coming from Korean.

Our Asianwhiteskin Shop is design for people for want to test different products and for sample. When it comes to wholesale price it will be totally different price.
We supply FOOD SUPPLEMENTS such as capsules, powder, teas and soaps.



PH338 Premium by Mejie in exclusive export and distributed by Asianwhiteskin / Mejie Medical Group . We can assure you that the authenticity of the PH338 Premium by Mejie is originally made in japan.
Primary Distribution Product under the new Meje Medical Group

ph338 whitening tablet

PH338 premium mejie certification of authenticity

ph338 wholesaler








IKUMOU Hair Loss Treatment
All Natural. Hair Grower.








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TATHION_NEW_WITH_BLISTERS__11820.1478656943.220.220 tathione-307-glutatione-180-tablets-8941-8708929-e564577e9875952feb1ad971dca9847b-catalog_233
Tathione Tablets 100mg
Japan Generic

taiyo_reduced_glutathione_Taiyo Reduced Glutathione
200mg x 100 ampoules
Mfg : Teva

Thioctic acid outer box Thioctic acid (Whitening Collagen)

It is also popular in Japan as beauty injection for brightening skin.

Item; Thioctic acid Nissin
Mfg by Nissin
Dosage  25mg/5ml 100amps

MelsmonItem: Melsmon
Mfg by Melsmon
Package: 2ml 50vials

Cartin vial

L-Carnitine (Levocarnitine)

It is well known for diet.

Item; L-Cartin FF injection
Mfg by Otsuka
Dosage: 1000mg/5ml 10amps
Vitamin C inj

Vitamin B inj

This is very popular called “garlic injection” in Japan, many celebrities here love this injection to heal body.

Item; Arinamin F
Mfg by Takeda
Dosage: 100mg/20ml 50 amps

tathione capsulesTathione Cap
50mg x 500 capsule per bottle
Made in Japan
Mejie Cosmeskincare & Supplements Ltd.
(currenlty changing of new location)